Igongo Cultural Center

Igongo Cultural center


Igongo Cultural Centre  located in Mbarara Town and part of the Ankole Kingdom in Uganda is  one of the best museums in western  Uganda, traditionally referred to as the  Eriijukiro (the museum of South Western Uganda. The Igongo Cultural Museum showcases the history, art and culture of the Ankole people in Western Uganda. Artifacts from the and regalia from the Obugabe ( the Kingship) on the Ankle is well represented, the traditional long horned cattle, and dressing of the Ankle people is showcased at the Igongo Cultural Centre. For the ultimate cultural experience in western Uganda, visit the Igongo Cultural Village. The accommodation near the Igongo Culture Centre include the Igongo hotel, the Lake View reort Hotel, Rwizi Arch hotel, Agip Motel among others.

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