There are always 99.9% chances of seeing 4 of the big five in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. Visitors marvel at the giant elephants across the park, the gentle hippos, charging buffaloes, lucky moments with the shrewd leopards and the astonishing tree climbing lions.

The significance of the elephant’s close relationship to the park is erected in the statue on the grounds of Mweya Lodge.

Elephants are very close knit, usually led by a matriarch and woe to anybody who tries to disturb their peace.

After a long trek through the grasslands, having a bath is considered one of the high points of the elephant’s day.

Along the Kazinga Channel, it’s hard to miss the giant hippos sun-bathing. In Ancient Egypt, the hippo was considered as the deity for pregenancy. Perhaps that explains why the women drove it out of the Nile valley in protest. Queen Elizabeth National Park has the largest concentration of hippos in the world.

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