A tour to Queen Elizabeth National Park offers an ultimate opportunity to sight four of the African big game on a game drive in Uganda most visited wilderness.

With an astonishing over 5000 hippos, 2500 elephants, and over 10,000 buffaloes thriving the grasslands and shorelines of Queen Elizabeth National Park, it guarantees sighting of some of Africa’s most iconic species.

Hearing the elephants’ calls reverberate around the park’s crater-filled valleys is a magical safari experience.

Other common herbivores include warthogs, waterbuck, Uganda kob and topi, as well as the sitatunga antelope.

For classic African safari experience, the tracks through the Kisenyi, the northern Kazinga plains and the Ishasha sector offer virtually guaranteed buffaloes, antelope and elephant sightings, along with warthogs and baboons.

Taking an experienced guide in the early morning or at dusk is the most successful way to track down a pride of lions, and maybe even odd leopard.

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