When traveling in Uganda, you shouldn’t miss visiting the Amabere cave which hold a rich history and a fascinating traditional story of the formation of these stalagmite rocks in western Uganda.

The myth surrounding the caves are that they were named after Nyinamwiru a daughter of Bukuku one of the ancient rulers of the Batembuzi Dynasty of the current Toro and Bunyoro Kingdoms. She was a proud attractive girl who refused to marry the man her father chose for her.

As a result she was punished by cutting off her breasts which later are assumed to have grown into these scenic rocks with a dripping white liquid assumed to be milk.

The steaming sound of waterfalls welcomes you at the entrance. The huge falls dictate the moisture content of the atmosphere surrounding the caves. At the entrance to the caves, the snake size slippery path guides you through as you penetrate into a cool green world of moss and fern covered by trees and rocks.

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